3 Easy Ways to Spark Attraction

It is time to delve into how to be a man and perfecting your follow-through.

When it comes to how to attract women, tips for building that initial attraction and chemistry are paramount to your success.

As a reminder, here are those three tips for attracting women and building that all-important sexual chemistry:

  1. Be a man and be yourself.
  2. Build rapport.
  3. Flirt.

Now, back to BEING A MAN

There is truth to the saying that nice guys finish last. Now, this doesn’t mean you should be a jerk, but it does mean that you need to focus on being a man, not on doing girly things to try to look nice.

Being a man is about being strong, being clear about what you want and being true to your desires.

Being a man is not about sounding like a sap and killing any possibility of attraction by insisting that you love spending endless hours watching romantic comedies or that you will wait forever and never pressure her. Let’s get one thing straight: Women are not delicate flowers who have no interest in sex or who can’t handle the fact that you have sexual needs.

Part of being a man is recognizing that women are just as capable of feeling strong sexual attraction. A man knows that if he’s feeling it, she probably is too, and acts accordingly.

A man isn’t okay with night after night of platonic movie-watching. A man doesn’t spend time giving girls tips on their outfits or ensuring them that they are pretty. This is the stuff a woman would do for another woman.

If you act like this, you are killing any hope of sexual chemistry. These behaviors are the quickest way to get put in the friend category, or to tell a girl that you can be bullied and manipulated.

Women are not attracted to weak, feminine men. Women are attracted to strong, masculine men.

Be decisive. Be confident. Be strong.  Be clear about what you want and who you are.

Now, let’s move on to the second part of our tips for attracting women:  BUILDING RAPPORT

Building rapport simply means creating an environment where she enjoys talking or spending time with you, and where she feels good about herself in your presence.

Inside jokes and talking about silly, fun topics you can laugh about together are two great ways to build rapport. Establishing an inside joke creates common ground that is exclusive to the two of you. This is a great way to create a space that sets you apart from the rest of the world. It gives you something in common and something to share that no one else has. This feeling of exclusivity is exactly what you want to create.

When it comes to how to attract women tips, other ways to build rapport include finding shared interests, or even simple things like mirroring her body language to encourage her subconscious to sense that there is a connection between the two of you.

Last, but not least, let’s talk about flirting

Reasoning and logic won’t get you anywhere when it comes to sexual chemistry. The reason flirting works is because it is just the opposite: It is illogical.

Flirting helps you come across as confident, creative, sexy and playful. Every collection of tips for attracting women points out that a man who knows how to flirt knows that the focus is playfulness and silliness, not logical or deep conversations.

Two experts in how to attract women tips, David Copeland and Ron Louis (authors of How to Succeed with Women), say it best when they describe flirting as the way that adults relate to each other in the same way that children relate through play.

Flirting is how men and women feel each other out and determine compatibility. It is also how they judge how creative and playful you are.

Playful flirtation means hinting at what you mean, but never actually coming right out and saying it.

This is what flirting is all about and is what allows a woman to become powerfully attracted to you.

These three tips for attracting women are your first steps in encouraging that initial attraction. And, that is how you create sexual chemistry.