How To Flirt With Men!

Do you want to know how to flirt with men? Do you want to be able to attract the guy you want and keep him with you forever? Do you want to have more control over your dating life and your relationships with men?

If you have any trouble in attracting men or getting them to commit, I have got something to share with you. You’re not alone. Almost 50% of the women experience these problems with men and their relationships. Some women do it naturally. And if you aren’t the one who can do it naturally, don’t worry. It’s something you can learn.

If you want to learn how to flirt with men, there is an important concept you must understand. It’s about making a man feel irresistible towards you.

The difference between your friend for whom all relationships workout and you is that she knows how to flirt with men. Flirting is a subtle tool for attraction. Before you start dating, you can flirt with a man to make him develop attraction for you. Once your relationship has begun, you can use flirting to keep him around for as long as you want.

The key lies in knowing how to flirt with men

If you don’t know how to flirt with men, don’t worry. Just read every word of this article with the utmost attention. I will reveal the ultra rare secrets of flirting with men.

Flirting isn’t something so hard. It’s just your ability to get along with people and vibe positive emotions in your conversations with them. If you want men to be more responsive to you, you’ve got to transform yourself into a friendlier and approachable woman whom everyone likes. That is what flirting is all about.

Flirting has nothing to do with sexual interest. It’s just two people having a good time. If you think that you need to be sexually interested in a person in order to flirt with them, you’re wrong. That’s called seducing or seduction. Flirting is something you can do with just about any stranger!

Let me define flirting to you – Flirting is the ability to make the other person(regardless of their gender) feel GOOD FEELINGS. In essence, it’s about vibing positive emotions.

It’s about making them feel good without revealing your romantic interest. You want to make them feel good about themselves and then think good of you without letting them know that you want something in return.

A woman who makes everyone feel GREAT is someone who is irresistible. Everyone thinks she’s cool. Everyone likes to hang out with her. Well… That’s the sole purpose of flirting.

So how to flirt with men?

Give him a compliment

Give him a sincere compliment. Observe him and become aware of him and give him a sincere compliment. Giving too many compliments will make you look like a people pleaser. And no one will take your compliments seriously. But if you give a really good compliment once in a while, you will begin to create the vibe and the rapport that’s needed for the two of you to feel a deep connection.

Be in the zone

You’ve got to have it before you can give it. You can’t make other people feel good and vibe positive emotions with them unless you feel good within yourself. You must remember that your level of energy must be higher than the people you talk to. Otherwise it will be useless.

In order to become that hyper active person who has a lot of energy, self-talk is essential. The way talk to yourself and think about yourself reflects the way you feel. If you appreciate yourself and think good of yourself, you will have no trouble in feeling good.

That’s what self-esteem is all about. Loving another person is important. But the best thing you can do is to love yourself first and then let that love flow onto other people.