Signs Your Ex Wants You Back. Part 3

In the first two installments of Signs Your Ex Wants You Back, we covered whether or not trying to get your ex back is the right thing to do, one of the biggest mistakes some guys make and the first two signs that your ex wants you back. Now it’s time to lay out other important signals that will help you know where you stand as you ask that all important question: «Does my ex want me back?»

5 Signs that Your Ex Wants You Back

  1. Talking about the good times – If your ex brings up positive memories of your relationship when talking to you or emailing you, this is a good sign that she is remembering your time together fondly and might want to make more good memories with you.
  2. Talking about the break-up and how things could have been different or how things would have been better – When it comes to signs that your ex wants you back, this one shows that she is still thinking about you and likely has not given up on your relationship. She might also be dropping hints about what she would need from you in order for your relationship to work, so pay attention.
  3. Flirting – When you are asking, «Does my ex want me back?» and you notice that she is flirting with you like she did when you first started dating, this is a good sign that she has not put you in the just-friends category and is still interested in being with you.
  4. Making positive changes or taking better care of herself – Did your ex get a new haircut, lose weight or start dressing better, and it appears that she is trying to make sure that you notice? Or is she making sure you know that she finally gave up that habit you hated or that she is working on improving something that you didn’t like? If so, that means that she still cares what you think and might be trying to get you to miss her.
  5. Making an effort to see you or talk to you – We already mentioned that your ex being in contact with you is a good initial sign, but if it seems like she is making a real effort to find reasons to stop by your house, show up where she knows you will be or call you frequently for no apparent reason, this is one of the best signs that your ex wants you back. This is particularly true if she is finding ways to see you in-person as often as possible.

If you notice these signs that your ex wants you back being given off by your ex, chances are good that your efforts to get her back might be successful. It is important not to try to rush things or jump right back into the relationship. Follow her lead and move forward at her pace. This will allow you to continue to watch for positive signs without scaring her off or pushing her away.

When she suggests getting together or shows up where you are, take the opportunity to spend time with her. As you work to get her back, pay attention to her body language and what she says when you are together. This will help you stay on the right track and keep things heading in the right direction.