Video Dating Interviews

A video dating interview is used to enhance your online dating profiles. Pictures are great, but a video will show more than a photo ever can. Users with video interviews also tend to get more attention and a better response than those with just photos alone. Some dating services actually require a video interview just to be a member. This is common with professional matchmaking services. Here are a few tips for your video dating interview.

Look Your Best

Even if you’re a simple ‘jeans and t-shirt’ type person, you want to step this up a notch or two for the interview. You don’t need a thousand dollar suit, but wear something you would be comfortable wearing on a first date. Spend time grooming yourself as well.


Most people are nervous on camera, this is natural. The best way to overcome this is to have a friend sit with you beforehand, with the camera pointed at you, and just talk for a few minutes. This allows you to loosen up and look more natural on camera.

Honest Answers

While you are answering questions, be honest. However, you don’t want to be cocky either. If a question is asked that makes you uncomfortable or you don’t want to reveal the answer, either say so, or make a joke of it. You can tell the interviewer beforehand if there are questions you don’t want to be asked. It’s not uncommon to want to steer clear of questions regarding past sexual experiences or income levels, so don’t be afraid to say no to those questions.