What Attracts Women to Men: The Secrets to a Winning Attitude

Do you ever wonder how some really average-looking guys seem to know just how to attract a woman and are constantly surrounded by girls? Does it puzzle you that these seemingly ordinary guys have huge dating success and seem to really know what attracts women to men?

Are you wishing you could have that same success? It is a sad fact that there are way too many guys out there who have no idea what attracts women to men.

But, there is good news:  You no longer have to be one of those guys. Today, you can learn the secret of how to tap into your innate masculinity that is just waiting to be let loose.

While it’s rather fun to hang out with the opposite sex, a lot of guys just are not that enthusiastic about dating. In fact, some find it completely tiresome.

These guys are often discouraged by the money, time and effort required to talk, act and look better in front of women. This is understandable, since there is a lot involved. You have to psych yourself up, spend money on instructional materials, buy the right clothes and develop your personal sense of style. After that, you have to go into the field and test out all of this second-hand information and advice that you have picked up. Once you’ve figured out what does and doesn’t work when it comes to how to attract women, you have to get busy applying what you’ve learned about starting conversations and keeping women interested.

It is common for at least some of these guys to become cynical and bitter after a few bumps in the road, since they aren’t well-equipped to handle inevitable roadblocks that pop up. Some guys can get so jaded that they start thinking that women owe them something in return for the trouble they have gone to learn what attracts women to men and to incorporate what they have learned into their lives. This approach is coming from a negative place, and it simply is not the way to go about attracting women.

These roadblocks and setbacks are an important part of the learning process, but the problem comes when you start beating yourself up over failed attempts, rather than learning from your mistakes and moving on. Fixating on failure, indulging in self-pity and having a pessimistic attitude about dating are going to alienate women even more. And, this will soon turn into desperation that will give off a frightening energy and intensity that will ensure women never feel at ease around you. This is obviously not how to attract a woman.

How exactly you can attract woman

Remember, women are approached by men all of the time, which has made them very good at picking up on nervous energy right away. Plus, if you allow yourself to become overly fixated on success, it is just going to mess up your game and bring about more failure.

A lot of this fear comes from men thinking there are not enough available women in the world, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are billions of people on the planet and plenty of those are attractive, available women. This means that there are more than enough women to go around and you don’t need to place so much importance on every interaction.

Instead, each interaction should be thought of as a chance to hone your skills and be better prepared for when the right woman comes along. If you aren’t able to get a particular girl’s number, just dust yourself off, determine what you did wrong and get ready to give it another go. There will always be another chance, so just relax and focus on learning what attracts women to men and how to create that initial attraction.

You will be much more at ease if you detach a bit and don’t care so much about the outcome. When you relax, you will give off a cool, confident vibe, and that is how to attract a woman.

You will be more at ease around women and be able to enjoy their company. They will appreciate having your undivided attention and will find your confidence and security attractive. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily succeed right away, and you should still expect to get rejected sometimes. But, each of these situations will teach you how to hone your skills and tighten your game, which will increase your likelihood of success.

More dating – more experience

Dating really is a numbers game, and as you gain more experience and knowledge of what attracts women to men, you will see the tides slowly turning in your favor. And, while some of the girls you end up dating might not turn out to be the women of your dreams, you can’t let yourself be deterred by these setbacks. Some guys will allow this to drive them into a pit of despair and to feel doomed to an eternity of being single, but you cannot allow yourself to get caught up in that type of downward spiral.

Remember, somewhere out there, a smart, interesting, hot woman is just waiting for you to wow her with your charm and personality. You just need to have patience and a solid commitment to refining your techniques.

Remember, true pick-up artists approach dating in a calm, collected manner. They know there is no reason to get upset about a failure and don’t get torn up over having a woman tell them to get lost. These guys know that the world is full of more chances, and this knowledge allows these guys to act like relaxed, confident grown-ups, which is exactly what attracts women to men.

Face the dating world like these guys, and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. You will need thick skin to get through the tough times, and you need to be at peace with however the tides turn as you continue to learn more about how to attract women.

These are effective, simple mental habits that will provide the foundation for increasing self-confidence and adopting a winning attitude. And, they will keep you from losing ground when a girl you thought was great turns out to be psycho. Keep your head in the game and your eye on the ball. All of this education about what attracts women to men will pay off, as will the experience you are gaining in how to attract a woman.